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Ok, so far the new season of Dr. Who has been disappointing. Apparently, I'm missing the deep, dark meaning of these episodes :/ Capaldi is fine, but he mumbles his lines too much. Clara is suddenly super companion. And don't even get me started on the horrible, forced relationship with Danny, ugh (and I hated the guy who played Robin Hood).

The domestic/child abuse events in the NFL are sickening. I just have to keep thinking that there are hundreds of other NFL players who do not abuse their families, and actually do a lot of good things.

I stand by my prediction of a losing Steelers season.

Pitt is 3-0 though, so that's good :)

I was supposed to have plans today, but per usual, my family never followed through. I am really getting tired of that :/ So, I'll watch football and read today, I guess.

Work is fine. Still settling in, but so far so good.

Just found out that there are going to be several minor cast members (the boys) from A Christmas Story at the Steel City Con in December. This should be awesome, lol. I hope to get a group photo op, because that is my favorite Chrismas movie :D

And if you're still reading, is there anyone who needs SGA seasons 1-3 on DVD? I was given them by the lovely [ profile] vecturist, but I got my series set back (long story) and would like to pass them along to someone who would appreciate them (for free!).

Looking forward to the new TV season, but I haven't seen any good new shows coming out. Anyone have a show they've heard good things about and can recommend (NO COMEDIES PLS)?
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