Aug. 12th, 2017 07:21 am
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So, yes, I booked a last minute trip to LFCC when Benedict was added for Saturday.

I bought his Diamond Pass (#30!), which got me a guaranteed photo and autograph. I was also able to buy 3 more autographs.

That was one of the things I liked about LFCC, but like all cons, it had its issues.

I also got Andrew Robinson's autograph, one of the few DS9 actors I had not met.

Saturday morning we got in a huge line of people trying to gain entrance. We were NOT all in the door by 9:30 as promised, but I did get to Benedict's photo op in time for the DP, around 10 am.

He liked my shirt, and told me to 'have a great time today'. Very friendly, much different than the first time I saw him :)

Then it was off to meet Andrew Robinson.

After the scheduled lunch (really?!) was Benedict's panel. It was fine, no big revelations, and he was lovely. Loved his answer to someone asking about being a father: "It's great, and it's private". YES, STOP ASKING. What a wasted question.

Then I went to Benedict Wong's photo op:

And then to Benedict's autograph line, where we talked about Hamlet, as he had mentioned Andrew Scott's production during his panel, and I had seen it Friday night. Andrew's is very low key compared to Ben's high energy Hamlet, but both were great.

Then I had Matt Lucas' photo op (Nardole on Dr. Who):

Then off to wait for Mads Mikkelsen's photo op. During his photo op, they actually stopped Mads and had John Cleese come over to our photo area to finish since Cleese was running behind. We had to wait AN HOUR to get our Mads photos. UNBELIEVABLY RUDE to us and to Mads. Wow, I have NEVER had such a thing happen in 30 YEARS of going to cons.

He was lovely about it, and I got to take 2 pics since I blinked in the first one.

LFCC is run by the same people who do Sherlocked. They are idiots who cannot take any criticism.

I could not find ANY volunteers who knew ANYTHING. There were no signs telling you where the Main Stage was; I had to get another attendee to help me find it.

The layout was HORRIBLE. You had to wade through hundreds of people in the autograph lines to get to the main stage and 3 of the photo areas. SO STUPID.

But I got what I paid for and am so happy to meet Benedict again when he is more relaxed around his fans :)

I'm going to Birmingham for Sherlocked in October. No lead guests announced yet. Ridiculous. They'd better add some people soon. I for one do not want autos or photos with the 3 children from season 4 (it's not appropriate, imo). So that leaves Sian and a couple minor character actors.

We shall see.

Next up is WW Chicago for one day, to meet John Cusack and Paul Bettany, and then Dragon Con for 2 days, to meet the cast of Reign and see some Stargate and Star Trek people :)
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The Stanley Cup finals start tonight. My beloved Pens have home ice for the finals and game time is 8 pm.



Win or lose, doesn't matter, because 6 months ago I didn't even think they'd make the playoffs. Now look at them go! Sullivan is the coach of the year, no matter who wins the actual award.

In other news, I loved Civil War and disagree with most of the criticisms of it. Tony was not too much of a dick, imo, and there was just the right amount of Spiderman (altho I still don't get why he had to be in the movie, but...) and the humor was much more natural than Avengers Ultron (or whatever it was called).

I also really enjoyed X Men Apocalypse. In fact, I think it's the best X Men movie yet. It didn't bore me at all, which is more than I can say for the other ones, lol. And Sophie Turner was terrific.

ETA: I didn't even realize Oscar Isaac was playing the villain until I saw the end credits. Wow, he was great, and so different from Poe!

I've spent the weekend Dad sitting, so I'm not really celebrating Memorial Day.

But this coming weekend is Philly Wizard World, where I'll be meeting Tom Hiddleston, Stanley Tucci, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan (I am NOT a Chris Evans fan, sorry) as well as William B. Davis and hopefully Dominic Cooper (first ep of Preacher was awful, but I'll give it a few more goes).

And it's also Awesome Con! Going Sunday with my Peter Capaldi VIP Pass! I'll try to fit in other guests if I have time :)

I guess that's pretty good compensation for not having a US Sherlock Con, lol, or going to London.

Hope you're all having a great Monday!
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I'm getting ready for the start of round 2 of the NHL playoffs.

The Pens are playing the Caps; tonight is game one. This is the first time in a while that I've felt confident that the Pens have a real chance at the Stanley Cup, and their real challenge starts tonight \o/


In other news. I've decided to take a step back from the Sherlock fandom. The setlock pics I've seen are driving me nuts; I DO NOT WANT the Watson family hour. Way TOO MUCH TIME is being devoted to the baby and Mary and I know I'm going to hate season four. In addition, the US Sherlock con has basically been abandoned by SM and ME. They have lied to us for over a year now, and I'm done waiting.

I'm looking forward to my next con in June, WW Philly, to meet Tom Hiddleston. AND we're going on a road trip that Sunday to Awesome Con in DC to meet Peter Capaldi!!

Should be a great weekend.

I'm going to Shore Leave in July, Dragon Con and Chicago SG in Sept. DC added Jack Gleeson (Joffery from GOT) and Jason Isaacs!

I watched the first episode of The Night Manager with Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie. IT'S FANTASTIC. Can't wait to meet Tom!

Work is going extremely well. Still need some work on the house, but it's coming along nicely.

How are all of you?!


Dec. 30th, 2015 05:46 pm
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The UK Sherlock con was announced today: 9/23-9/25

That means I will most likely not be going to the last Stargate con

I'll miss seeing my friends. We'll have to have our own get togethers from now on!
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So, Jenna Coleman, Alex Kingston and Paul McGann are going to be at Chicago Tardis at the end of November.

Should I go to this? Is it a good con, well run, etc?

I am SO tempted. Anyone going?


Aug. 30th, 2015 08:26 am
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So, this year I was originally slated to attend 8 cons.

Cleveland WW was cancelled due to weather. I did go to Sherlocked. Star Trek in June was cancelled because Karl Urban cancelled and Colm Meaney was appearing too late on Sunday evening (my flight home was at the same time and would have cost $400 to change).

I went to Shore Leave and Stargate Chicago. I did not go to WW Chicago because Matt Ryan and Arthur Darville cancelled :(

Dragon Con is coming up this weekend. Really looking forward to seeing John Noble, Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie from Sleepy Hollow, as well as my favorite person, DAVID HEWLETT :D

Then, more disappointment, because Colm Meaney cancelled his appearance at WW Pittsburgh....


They added Mitch Pileggi and David Duchovny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, this is the best news :D I can't wait!

And in October, it's off to London to see Benedict in Hamlet (twice), Mark Gatiss in Two Days in the Country, and John Finnemore's Souvenir Cabin!! Also Madame Tussauds, London Eye, Speedy's and Stonehenge are on the must do list. And the National Gallery to see any Van Gogh they have, and the Celtic exhibit at the British Museum.

P.S. So happy with the Cumberbaby info: Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch, born 6/1/15 \o/ LOVE the alliteration, the use of Ben and his dad's middle name, and the connection Christopher has to Ben's career. Perfect choice :)

This is my favorite time of year. Football season is underway, hockey is not far behind, the weather is perfect.

I am still working on home renovation. Finally got a decent quote for flooring, now I just have to find time to have it installed, lol. Kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity are next on the list.

So, what are you all up to?!

Pic links

Aug. 17th, 2015 09:38 pm
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Links to the albums

Shore Leave

SG Chicago

SG Chicago

Aug. 17th, 2015 06:39 pm
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These are some pics from the con. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] artemis_prime I was sitting in row D and able to get some good shots.

Pics! )

Great time seeing and spending lots of time with[livejournal.com profile] asyouleft, [livejournal.com profile] agt_spooky, [livejournal.com profile] squidgiepdx, [livejournal.com profile] elderwitty, AND [livejournal.com profile] aka_niffer, as well as [livejournal.com profile] vecturist, [livejournal.com profile] nakedwesley,[livejournal.com profile] montybird, and [livejournal.com profile] grammarwoman!
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more btc )
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I don't really celebrate Easter. Today, I get to visit my sister in the hospital and then my parents and I are going to dinner.

My sister recently moved to a new group home, and started 'acting up' so now she's in the pysch unit and frankly, not doing well. Her brain has been destroyed by 25 years of medication (for schizophrenia) and she isn't recognizable as my sister anymore. They'll adjust her meds and the downhill cycle will continue :(

In addition, a couple weeks ago, when I was with her, my mom had a TIA. Scared the hell out of me. She's been fine since, and all her tests are coming back ok, but listening to someone spout gibberish as they think they are making perfect sense is creepy. She turns 80 tomorrow.

We're in the middle of planning an 80th birthday party for her and my dad, to be held next month. I hope they're both up to it!

We went to see Barry Manilow last week. As awesome as ever!

Next weekend I'm meeting Noah Wyle! I'll post my pics :) Really glad The Librarians got a second season, as I loved the first one. And of course, he's in Falling Skies!!

Less than 3 weeks until the Sherlock Con. In addition to autographs and photo ops with SIXTEEN guests!!!! I have a GROUP PHOTO with the main attending cast on the 221B set! I might just keel over after that one, lol. I can't wait to meet them all, especially BENEDICT OMG.

And one of my 13 year old cats went missing for a day and a half. Turns out he snuck into the garage and then hid from me. He finally decided he'd had enough and asked to be let back into the house, lol. But I was relieved to find him, I'd looked everywhere.

The Pens are playing so badly they might not even make the playoffs. Unbelievable! We have the 2 best players in the world. The new coach is a huge disappointment.

So that's what's been going on with me recently. What are you all up to? No one seems to be on lj anymore :(
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I join the geek world to mourn the passing of Leonard Nimoy :( Star Trek TOS was my first sci fi love, and even tho I knew it was coming, this makes me very sad. He lived long and prospered!

With their usual tact and competency, Creation sent out an email today announcing that all of the Chicago Star Trek Con ticket options are now on sale. Nice timing (not)

So I go to look and they have KARL URBAN and COLM MEANEY. OMG I have wanted to meet Colm forever (Hell on Wheels!!). They also have Linda Park and John Billingsley. And Tim Russ and his band are doing a concert.

I want to go! I can fly in Saturday morning and fly home Sunday evening and it's very affordable, even getting the Silver ticket, which includes Colm's autograph.


ETA: Got my silver ticket in the first row so I can get my autographs as quickly as possible!!
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So we are not going to Cleveland today. It's snowing like crazy (we're supposed to get 8 inches) and the turnpike is closed due to an accident.

I emailed Wizard World to see if I can exchange my ticket for Pittsburgh in September. I'll probably lose my money on the Karen Gillan autograph though :(

I'd much rather be home safe and warm anyway.

Whose bright idea was it to have a con in Cleveland in February? LOL

Be safe out there everyone!!
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Seems like no one is around these days. I'm here every day, posting to [livejournal.com profile] hewlett_daily if nothing else....

Finally caught up on everything on my DVR yesterday, lol. With hockey season in full swing, I record almost everything I want to watch.

Today I'm going to see my nephew E play in his third consecutive PIHL All Star Game. He's a senior, so this will be his last (high school) all star game. GO E! \o/

Tomorrow I'll be trying to get a ticket to Sherlock: The Event in London April 24-26th!! I'm going all out on this (happy bday to me!) so wish me luck! However, this is only happening if they have Ben and/or Martin signed on.

Believe it or not, they are not announcing any guests until the tickets go on sale! Crazy London people!! :/

I'm still going in October too, but probably not for a whole week.

Julian continues to keep my old cats on their toes! He and Jack have a great time playing every morning. Amazingly, they haven't broken anything! lol

In 2 weeks I'm going to Cleveland to see Sasha Roiz (Renard on Grimm) and some hobbits and dwarves ;)

In mid April, Steel City Con here in Pgh has NOAH WYLE!!!! I'm doing the photo op and autograph. LOVE Falling Skies and The Librarians :)

Also going to Chicago in August for Stargate (no DHew makes me sad) and Dragon Con in September.

Wizard World is having a con here in Pgh the weekend after DC. Can't wait to see who they get!

And I've seen 7 of the 8 movies nominated for Best Picture. Boyhood better not win, it's the worst of them. I still say The Imitation Game should win simply for the entertainment factor and terrific performances. Or The Grand Budapest Hotel, which is a great movie! I know Benedict is not going to win, but Michael Keaton BETTER WIN best actor; he gave the performance of his life in Birdman!

So, what are you all up to? What do you think of the Oscar race?!

And if anyone is ever coming to Pgh, or wants to go to a con here, please let me know!

Damn it!

Jul. 21st, 2014 12:44 pm
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Just when I'd decided I was not going to Toronto Fan Expo, they freaking added Karen Gillan and ARTHUR DARVILL!!

But there's no way, unless I drive up on Saturday morning.....

I'll have to think about it now, lol.
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Game of Thrones was excellent this season.

I cannot recommend Fargo more highly; Martin Freeman was perfect as Lester!

I only have to work 1/2 day today \o/

And instead of Dragon Con, I'm thinking of going to Fan Expo in Toronto again. Yesterday they added Matt Smith and today they announced Elijah Wood.....


Hope you're all having a good hump day!

Quick post

Apr. 13th, 2014 08:03 pm
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Leaving for yet another hockey game shortly. E's team is undefeated, playing in the semi final tonight and the final tomorrow am if they win. E has many goals/points \o/

Had a blast yesterday with Jonathan Frakes and Brent Spiner!



Also spoke with/saw Parker Stevenson (Hardy Boys!) and Cindy Williams (Shirley)

The Pens are playing Columbus in the first round of the hockey playoffs, starting Wednesday \o/ \o/ \o/

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David is going to be at the last Creation con in Chicago, August 2014 :)

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So, it was amazing as usual.

David and Joe were the highlight, as always, but everyone was great. Had a fantastic time seeing so many friends too!

I uploaded all my photos here

Take any that you like, no credit necessary.

I participated in the Debug photoshoot on Sunday too. I don't know or care if David uses my picture, I just loved getting some more time with him. And everyone else was being serious, but I could not help smiling throughout my time, that's what David does to me, lol.

Some pics btc. Great lineup!

Read more... )

Looking forward to next year already :)
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to drive to Toronto for the Fan Expo, because:




It's August 22-25. I would love to just go up for Saturday and Sunday.

Anyone going? Anyone interested in going? :)
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Jensen with Richard, who wore his gym outfit the entire weekend, lol

SPN NJ 2013 126

the rest are here:


Not the greatest pics, as I was in GA, but better than I expected to get :)


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