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So, it wasn't too awful this year, but of course there's always something!

First, the gift I ordered online for my father (gourmet cookies) was supposed to be delivered 12/23. They delivered it 12/17. He ate them all without even realizing it was a Christmas gift from me. JFC.

My Mom never thought to put them away where he wouldn't find them until closer to Christmas.

I didn't get anything from my mother, which is fine!

I got gift cards from my sister and her sons - 2 different types of movie gift cards. Really, do you think I'm going to spend $75 going to the movies?! Not unless Benedict Cumberbatch puts out a dozen films this year :/ Good thing gift cards don't expire.

My poor niece is under the impression I like chocolate covered espresso beans. I do not. Now I have 2 more cartons to go with the ones from last year that I never ate, lol. She did give me a Steelers charm bracelet, and after I put it on the Steelers pulled out a miraculous win \o/ so it's good luck, at least. And she gave me a Dr. Who compact mirror, which I will definitely use.

The worst though, was the gift from my brother and his boys. A matching Dr. Who necklace and earrings.

I NEVER WEAR NECKLACES. I don't even own one. I hate having stuff around my neck.

In addition, it's some kind of swirley thing with 'wibbley wobbley timey wimey' written on it. THAT'S 10. Everyone knows my favorite doctor is 11. I will NEVER wear these. Anyone want them?!

And so closes another crappy Christmas gift exchange, lol

Today I'm finally going to see Rogue One, and then to Panera with my gift card (from work) to get their Mediterranean veggie sandwich, which I love.

Hope you all got what you wanted for Christmas!!
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