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So, it wasn't too awful this year, but of course there's always something!

First, the gift I ordered online for my father (gourmet cookies) was supposed to be delivered 12/23. They delivered it 12/17. He ate them all without even realizing it was a Christmas gift from me. JFC.

My Mom never thought to put them away where he wouldn't find them until closer to Christmas.

I didn't get anything from my mother, which is fine!

I got gift cards from my sister and her sons - 2 different types of movie gift cards. Really, do you think I'm going to spend $75 going to the movies?! Not unless Benedict Cumberbatch puts out a dozen films this year :/ Good thing gift cards don't expire.

My poor niece is under the impression I like chocolate covered espresso beans. I do not. Now I have 2 more cartons to go with the ones from last year that I never ate, lol. She did give me a Steelers charm bracelet, and after I put it on the Steelers pulled out a miraculous win \o/ so it's good luck, at least. And she gave me a Dr. Who compact mirror, which I will definitely use.

The worst though, was the gift from my brother and his boys. A matching Dr. Who necklace and earrings.

I NEVER WEAR NECKLACES. I don't even own one. I hate having stuff around my neck.

In addition, it's some kind of swirley thing with 'wibbley wobbley timey wimey' written on it. THAT'S 10. Everyone knows my favorite doctor is 11. I will NEVER wear these. Anyone want them?!

And so closes another crappy Christmas gift exchange, lol

Today I'm finally going to see Rogue One, and then to Panera with my gift card (from work) to get their Mediterranean veggie sandwich, which I love.

Hope you all got what you wanted for Christmas!!


Date: 2016-12-26 04:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The cookie thing is ridiculous - didn't the packaging announce that it was a gift TO him FROM you? Bad cookie company!

Where are you going to the movies that it's still $6.00? Admission plus a soda and popcorn will run you about $16.00 around here.

Can you have the niece's mom tell her that you're over your espresso bean phase, but that you'll probably love Panera forever? You get something you'll use and no more wasted beans. Of course, you could take the beans into the office and watch your co-workers get hyped up on them. :grin>

As for the earrings/necklace set ... at least they tried? If they're not fans of the show, they likely don't understand there's a difference between Doctors. If you like the earrings, keep those and re-gift the necklace to someone who likes Ten.

After years of trying to guess what we all want, we started simply asking for lists of ideas. I keep a draft email and when I think of something I add it. It works for stuff I can get every year (like Panera or Cato gift cards), or one-time things (like the new Metallica CD).

I also collect ideas for everyone else through the year. For example, last year around August I was at Target with the younger brother. He was peeved because they - along with most other retailers - now only carry carpenter jeans up to size 36 x 34", not the 36 x 36" he wears. It went on the list, and that's what the sister got him. (I already had something.) Same principal for Mom's Deli. He always raved about how good it is (and it is), so I stuck it on the list and now he gets gift certificates for his favorite sandwiches.

It seems a bit calculated at first, but I'd really rather give them stuff they want (and get the same) than fumble around in the dark and have everybody wind up dissatisfied.

Hope your holiday was otherwise awesome!

Re: gifts

Date: 2016-12-26 05:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The problem with my Dad is that he won't remember that it was a gift, which is why it was supposed to be delivered closer to Xmas day. Mom should have hidden it. At least he would have known that I did buy him a xmas gift.

I did, and have repeatedly, told my family what they can get me for xmas. It never happens. They give me crap that I will never use, every single year, which is why I post my annual venting LOL (for example, I asked for a clock radio...but I didn't get one).

I feel bad about telling my niece, so I'll try to give the coffee beans away, lol I will let my sister know not to let her buy them next year.

My whole family watches Dr. Who; they know exactly who 10 and 11 are and that 11 is my favorite. They just don't put any thought into gifts.

And matinee movies here are $5.75. I never buy food or drink at the movie theater. If I drink, I'll have to pee, and I hate popcorn :)

The Steelers won the AFC North and made the playoffs, and that's the only gift I really cared about. My Xmas day was fine other than the gifts! Hope yours was too!

Re: gifts

Date: 2016-12-26 07:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It's ridiculous that they can't follow a simple LIST.

As for the niece, maybe tell her your doctor doesn't think that so much caffeine is good. (He probably does say that, even if not to you. So it's not a total lie. :snerk: ) Thus, she has no embarrassment due to past bad gifting. (Assuming she cares.)

I'd have to at this point consider getting them unsatisfying - close but no cigar gifts, but that's just because I think people who don't listen should be passive-aggresively punished. ;>

I usually sneak food into the movies, because they don't have what I want...which is non-sugary, non-super-salty snacks at a reasonable price. Although there is one theater in town that serves full meals that are damn good. Bit pricey, but there you have it.

Hm, do you know anyone with a celebration coming up - who might enjoy a night at the movies? Whatever show/concessions they want, and your family foots the bill. It's the very best sort of re-gifting.

Re: gifts

Date: 2016-12-26 11:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOL I used one of the gift cards today for my mom and me to see Rogue One in 3D :D

There were years that I only got one gift, from my parents, and I'd be happy to go back to that rather than this constant disappointment.


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