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The Stanley Cup finals start tonight. My beloved Pens have home ice for the finals and game time is 8 pm.



Win or lose, doesn't matter, because 6 months ago I didn't even think they'd make the playoffs. Now look at them go! Sullivan is the coach of the year, no matter who wins the actual award.

In other news, I loved Civil War and disagree with most of the criticisms of it. Tony was not too much of a dick, imo, and there was just the right amount of Spiderman (altho I still don't get why he had to be in the movie, but...) and the humor was much more natural than Avengers Ultron (or whatever it was called).

I also really enjoyed X Men Apocalypse. In fact, I think it's the best X Men movie yet. It didn't bore me at all, which is more than I can say for the other ones, lol. And Sophie Turner was terrific.

ETA: I didn't even realize Oscar Isaac was playing the villain until I saw the end credits. Wow, he was great, and so different from Poe!

I've spent the weekend Dad sitting, so I'm not really celebrating Memorial Day.

But this coming weekend is Philly Wizard World, where I'll be meeting Tom Hiddleston, Stanley Tucci, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan (I am NOT a Chris Evans fan, sorry) as well as William B. Davis and hopefully Dominic Cooper (first ep of Preacher was awful, but I'll give it a few more goes).

And it's also Awesome Con! Going Sunday with my Peter Capaldi VIP Pass! I'll try to fit in other guests if I have time :)

I guess that's pretty good compensation for not having a US Sherlock Con, lol, or going to London.

Hope you're all having a great Monday!
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